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Hotel house rules

Dear customers for the benefit of all , please commit to comply with and respect the hotel rules and use of facilities in the prevention of contagion by COVID 19.

Rules of use of the facilities by guests

  • Mandatory use of mask in common areas
  • Minors must be under the control of their parents
  • Comply with the established signage
  • Frequent hand washing / hygiene, particularly when accessing shared areas (lounges, restaurants, cafes ...)
  • Use the inside of the elbow to cover the mouth / nose when coughing or sneezing, or use disposable tissues and wash your hands afterwards.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes in public spaces.

Respect social distancing with people outside the family or living environment:

  • Avoid greetings that involve physical contact (hugs, kisses ...)
  • Respect the maximum capacity established in common areas, and particularly in those in which there is no physical control by the establishment (elevators, lounges ...)
  • Respect schedules and other regulations that may have been established by the establishment to comply with the permitted capacity.
  • Respect the distances between people established at customer service points, entrances to restaurants ...
  • Do not stay in the room during cleaning, maintenance or repair services to be carried out in it

At the first signs of symptoms compatible with COVID-19 disease (fever, cough or respiratory distress):

  • Self isolate (affected and living together)
  • Inform the establishment by telephone (reception / customer service) of the situation


  • We have reduced the capacity to 75% with a minimum of 1.5m. between tables.
  • The staff will assign a table for the service.
  • The safety distance between clients has been signaled.
  • For the use of self-service beverage machines, the prior use of disinfectant gel is mandatory.
  • We have put gel spots at the entrance of the restaurant and cafeteria.
  • All kitchen and living room staff work with the mandatory protection measures.
  • We provide the dishes by our staff at your table, thus preventing customers from having direct access to it.
  • We have single doses of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.
  • We take turns in each service and we will expose them upon arrival, for the best organization.
  • We have disposable tablecloths and / or placemats.
  • We continuously sanitize the furniture.
  • The restaurant breakfast will be continental type, served at the table, except for drinks.



FROM 09.30H TO 15.00H / 16.30H TO 20.00H

  • Limited capacity, according to current regulations of the health authorities, it is possible that the time of use and/or access is limited to guarantee your safety. Cleaning and disinfection at least 3 times a day.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres from another user both inside and outside the water.
  • Disinfect your hands with hydrogel found at the entrance to the pool before and after use.
  • Obligatory use of towel in the hammock
  • It is forbidden to move the pool furniture. Do not touch another customer's furniture.
  • Minors must be under the control of their parents or guardians.


  • Mandatory use of mask in elevator.
  • Capacity 2 people per elevator or a family unit.
  • Disinfecting gel in elevators and entrance to the bathroom.


  • We have restricted access to exclusive use for clients
  • The safety distance between clients has been signaled.
  • We have installed protective screens at the Check-In and Check-Out counters.
  • An APP / WEB has been enabled that includes information content for the client.
  • There are disinfectant gel spots on counters.
  • We disinfect counter and all the material delivered to the client continuously.
  • We suspend the trunk service
  • A Check-In and Check-Out point has been provided
  • On arrival guests must sign the declaration of absence of COVID-19 symptoms. 


  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning in common areas, bathrooms, hallways, elevators, etc.
  • Our staff has the appropriate protective equipment
  • There is a strict protocol for cleaning critical points: controls, switches ...
  • We use disposable or individual cleaning materials for each room, guaranteeing cleaning and disinfection without the possibility of cross contamination.
  • We do not carry out the cleaning of the room if it is occupied by the client.
  • We customize the cleaning of the room in terms of frequency and hours.
  • Our laundry ensures and certifies the treatment of clothes at more than 60º and with disinfectant products.


Special continental breakfast, different types served at the table. 

Lunch and dinner: Menu served on table. Two courses and dessert, drinks not included.

Half Board consists on dinner and breakfast. Drinks are not included.

Full board consists on dinner, breakfast and lunch. Drinks are not included.


We provide custody of assets,prior notice 24 hours in advance, from 10:00to 12:00 Monday to Friday.


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